Friday, October 9, 2009


Do people take me seriously? Have I given them anything to take me seriously over?

Somewhere along the lines it has been drilled into my brain that my faith should not be offensive. Or perhaps my own sin has lead me to be afraid of being someone who stands for something.
The Lord has showed me recently that there are actually very few who truly know how much I value Jesus Christ. Think about it- don’t we all just assume each other knows what matters to us?
Its a natural thing to do, because we never get outside of our own heads. So we know within ourselves how much we value God, but others are left to assume:
“Oh he carries his Bible, he must be doing good.”
“I saw his eyes closed during worship, he loves God.”
“He must be expressing his freedom in Christ right now.”

In addition to our tendency to stay quiet, we live in a culture where everything points to a life that is going nowhere. Nearly every popular song is focused on tuning out responsibility and indulging in life’s pleasures. Every new comedy finds hilarity in people with no morality whatsoever. The world is creating unconscious, unaware people who are all going nowhere in life. We start to care more about suburban life, a steady job, and kids who behave more than we care about a hot pursuit of God Himself.

But I’d be willing to argue that most people DONT actually want that. I’ve never met anyone who WANTS to be non-influential their entire life.
So what DO you want to do? What DOES matter to you?
And if Christ DOES matter to you, who knows? What steps are you taking to do something that matters?
Or are you going to live your life like everyone else....


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