Monday, August 16, 2010

Paradigm Shift

Rather than try to wrap the message of this blog up in tho rhetorical questions and profound statements, I feel that it would be better for me to simply share my heart.

Imagine you are in a well lit room, and you crack the door open to a dark closet. The closet is illuminated. That tiny glimmer of light reveals the contents of the closet, and the darkest shadows are made bold and the thinner shadows begin to disapear.

This closet is my heart, and over the past few days the LORD has cracked the door to expose the shadows in my soul; the dark parts of my heart that are still wicked. I have laid speechless at his feet when I have come to realize my warped thinking. There is so much wrong with me. My carnil mind buys into lies of greed, ungratefulness, arogance, and judgement. In the past I have tricked myself into thinking that I have earned a right standing with God by my good behavior (though I would never have put it that way). I know the gospel, and I know how I should act. There is, however, something about confessing sin to others that can really bring us to a healthy humility that God deeply desires.

The wages of sin is death, and when I think about the grave ammount of sin I have commited I get frantic because I know I should die a million times before God even gives me the time of day. BUT, the Bible says that we who are in Christ were baptised into his death, so when he conquered death, we also conquered death. This also means that God sees us through a Jesus-shaped-lense, and we are given the righteousness that Jesus posses. This means we’re new creations. NEW. We are no longer in bondage to sin because we have been afforded the righteousness of God. (Rom 6:1-14 and lots of other places)

These things are too great for me to comprehend. As I said before, I’ve been so humbled by God’s gracious decision to reveal these things to me.

It is the wrath of God to be left undisciplined, it is his grace to expose our faults.
I have been disciplined, and suprisingly, I’m so deeply grateful.