Sunday, November 7, 2010

Morning Prayer

Good Morning, Creator
I'm feeling still,
I can see you everywhere

There is a cool breeze that beats at my knees
I'm wearing shorts today
shorts and a sweatshirt

and I came in to work early
on accident
but not on accident
to you

You design me.

Like a blind man's cane, you make noise...
sometimes I'm on carpet and its hard to hear
then sometimes its fake wood that echos

I hear you.
Making noise, telling my feet what I'm about to run in to.

I like the noise you make.

And if my sight is gone, may my ears never be!
Oh what a thing to be blind of the King!
But to be deaf too?

Kill me.
Actually, that won't be necessary.
I'll be dead already.

I can stay alive without seeing what you're doing.
But if I can't hear your
anger's boom
Or your wind's whisper
If my ears can't detect your sovereign speech
Or your fatherly discipline
If I don't listen
I will walk smack dab into the middle of interstate 35 and be obliterated by an 18-wheeler.

Prone to wander.

But you're The Medic.

You'll find my arms on either side of the highway
and put them back into my cleverly designed ball and socket joints.